Sonic Bothy Ensemble Album Release & Launch

Sonic Bothy Ensemble Album Release & Launch


“…impressive by any standards, the most outstanding part about Sonic Bothy is how much soul they put into their playing.” - The Cusp Magazine


Sonic Bothy Ensemble, launch their debut album, Fields, tonight (Thursday 28th February 2019) in Mono, Glasgow.

Sonic Bothy Ensemble is Andrew RobertonAdam GreenAllan WrightEllen PhilipNichola Scrutton and Alex South. They are an inclusive music ensemble that brings musicians with and without disability to explore, compose and perform new and experimental music.

Recorded in 2017 by Duncan Cameron at Riverside Music College, Fields came after a year of creating new work and performances. Tracks explore improvisation and experimental music and instruments spanning pieces created between 2016 and 2017. The album was recorded at the end of a project called ‘Space + Listening + Democracy’ where the collective were experimenting with ideas of how more democracy could be created within the ensemble itself.  Its members have been brought together through very different routes of playing, styles of music, interests and education with pieces such as ‘AGX’ (composed and directed by Adam Green) have been created to incorporate dance music & improvisation. ‘AGX’ also includes the group playing newly commissioned glass instruments by Edinburgh-based glass artist, Carrie Fertig.

The opening track ‘3 Degrees Kelvin We Drift’ demonstrates Sonic Bothy’s ensemble range and dynamic playing whilst ‘8 Panes of Glass’ explores rich layered vocals, chamber music-influenced improvisation, and found materials.

The album’s bursts of free jazz-inspired improvisation, warm drones, contemplative stillness held within the glass, explorative vocal sounds are both through-provoking and grandiose.  Some playing is completely free and some partially fixed. It’s never resting in one thing, it’s constantly moving to some new territory in each track, there’s a real range of sound. 

Sonic Bothy Ensemble founder Claire Docherty says, “It’s fresh and sonically interesting, and a real achievement by the ensemble.  It’s been such a great opportunity to document and mark the work of the ensemble at this point in time.  At Sonic Bothy we are so keen to make sure that music by disabled musicians is heard, as we all feel it’s so important to our music culture and long overdue.”

"Recording the album material at the end of 2017 was at the same time challenging and joyous. We decided to record as much as possible so there was a lot to do in the time we had. And each piece is very different. Although there is often an element of structure in the music, we always work with improvisation so had to shift our performance mode for each piece. We had a lot of fun within the pressure of the recording environment - everyone loved being immersed in the process and the music. The album really captures a moment in the ongoing evolution of Sonic Bothy Ensemble." explains ensemble member Nichola Scrutton.

Fields is out now.

Thursday 28th February 2019 7.30pm – Live Launch
Mono, Glasgow
Pay What You Wish entry on the door

This is a relaxed event and Mono is a fully accessible venue. If you would like to attend but experience additional barriers, Sonic Bothy may be able to help, please get in touch with Riah at on 07916057504 or

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