Tape Trash


Spring. When the darkness starts to lift, the days get longer and the sun starts to shine. There’s renewed energy and a crackle of something positive in the air. Spring is great. Perfect, even.

“Perfect Spring”, therefore, is timed wonderfully well by Norwegian newcomers TAPE TRASH. A positive, sunny anthem to guide you through the season….and will last you to the end of the summer.

TAPE TRASH might be familiar to you. The two-piece are Anders Magnor Killerud, once of Team Me and now part of Ludvig Moon, and Kristofer Mathias Staxrud - also a member of Ludvig Moon and Hilma Nikolaisen’s band.

Killerud and Staxrud clearly don’t mind keeping themselves busy. Having known each other for years and constantly talking about working on something as a duo, the Norwegians shared a vision and followed through on it…”We both wanted to go back to our roots, back to the feeling we had when we picked up our instruments for the first time,” says Killerud, “long before perfectionism and overthinking crushed the initial joy we experienced in playing music.”

TAPE TRASH is a physical experience. There’s so much energy in the band - call it punk, call it emo, call it indie rock...it doesn’t need a label when these songs just make you want to MOVE. “TAPE TRASH can be described as bold, vivacious indie rock anthems, often with melancholic undertones,” says Killerud. “If you combine big drums, punchy guitars and dreamy vocal layers with simple, honest, no-bullshit lyrics you will get something like TAPE TRASH.”

With TAPE TRASH there are no rules and no expectations. It’s what the band call a “free zone”, and so inspiration comes from the music they’re listening to at any point - alongside some classic indie rock from the 90s and the 00s. TAPE TRASH are not afraid of laying hook upon hook upon hook.

“Perfect Spring”, the first song made as TAPE TRASH, flies out of the gate. Synths laid on top of addictive guitar riffs, piledriving drums and breathless vocals harmonies combine on a song that never lets up from start to finish. It’s extremely appropriate that the chant in the chorus is “gimme more, gimme more!” because a song this great shouldn’t ever end.

There’s a message of renewal in “Perfect Spring”. Emerging out of a dark period to find peace and health, TAPE TRASH are looking towards a bright future.